Audio & Video Transmission Solutions

What Is ClipWay?

Geolink Satellite Services and CETel are leading providers of fixed and mobile satellite services and offer dedicated solutions for media companies. ClipWay is one of these dedicated solutions: It provides an easy-to-use and reliable solution for Video Transmission for every imaginable application.

Due to different demands and the diversity of our customers, we offer different versions of our ClipWay-solution:

  • ClipWay is an universal video transmission tool and dedicated to mobile workers (e.g. engineers, humanitarian workers etc.) allowing them to stay in regular touch with their office.
  • Media ClipWay is the professional software solution dedicated for Media professionals.
  • ClipWay Radio is the professional solution for broadcasting pre-recorded and Live footage for Radio.
  • ClipWay Challenges enables mariners to share their achievements and challenges from the high seas.

Please find further information on the product-pages linked above.