Audio & Video Transmission Solutions

ClipWay Radio Live & The Technoparade

Paris, France, in September 2011

For the first time ever, HotMix Radio broadcasted Live DJ Mixes and interviews during the Technoparade in September 2011 from a moving float using ClipWy Radio.

Geolink's Challenge:

Transmitting two hours live mixes and interviews over IP from a moving parade float in Paris and guaranteeing the same broadcast quality as ISDN links.

Technical Solution:

Directly connected to the HNS 9350 C11 via an Ethernet cable, ClipWay Radio Live encoded real time guests interviews and DJ mix on the float.

Inmarsat, our partner on the event, guaranteed the transmission from the mobile BGAN HNS 9350 to the Radio HQ over Inmarsat Standard IP service.

Live audio transmissions were received by ClipWay Radio server connected to the mixing desk and played on the internet.

ClipWay Radio IFB function was used to coordinate, via the BGAN terminal, the fix studio and the float.

About ClipWay Radio:

Taking advantage of it's position and reputation among Media and anticipating the phase-out of ISDN, Geolink Satellite Services, jointly to major French Radio stations, has developed ClipWay Radio, combining live broadcasting and audio files transmission functions in one software solution.

If you have any questions or wish further information on ClipWay Radio, do not hesitate to contact us.