Audio & Video Transmission Solutions

Media ClipWay

Media ClipWay is a professional software solution for remote news gathering. With Media ClipWay, reporters can easily transmit video directly to the TV networks from any remote location.
This solution has been especially designed for Media professionals and is flexible, reliable and cost effective.

Media ClipWay meets the most demanding requirements of journalists:

  • Provides broadcast quality compression
  • Allows Transmission with reliability and optimisation over any link
  • Optimizes communication cost
  • Meets the standards broadcast requirements of TV Channels.

Media ClipWay

Media ClipWay provides relevant functions and services in a single solution:

  • Live in full-screen format
  • Store & forward function
  • Video cut tool
  • A reception server software application
  • A “news gathering” web application
  • Services dedicated to journalists.

3 versions of Media ClipWay are available:

  • Media ClipWay Store & Forward
    Includes capture, compression and transmission modules as well as a video cut tool.
  • Media ClipWay Live
    Includes live full-screen module, in broadcast quality.
  • Media ClipWay Suite
    Includes capture, compression and transmission modules, video cut tool and live module.

How Do I Send Videos?

Your video files can be captured, compressed and sent in just a few easy clicks!
Only four simple steps are necessary to send videos:

  1. Simple Capture
  2. Video Cut Tool (optional)
  3. Adaptable Compression
  4. Optimized Transmission

How Do I Do A Live Transmission?

The easiest way to go live: Full-screen live transmission in broadcast quality with Media ClipWay!

  • Connect your video camera to your PC using an IEEE1394 (Firewire) link
  • Select your recipient
  • Select your connection and set up the bitrate
  • Choose to be live on full-screen or quarter screen (CIF)
  • Go live!
  • An IFB channel is available.

How Do I Receive Videos?

Media ClipWay

No hardware is required! Media ClipWay's software server allows the reception of live and pre-recorded videos.
In fact, you have two options:

  • A Software Solution:
    A server with a fixed IP address can receive up to eight "Store & Foward" transmissions simultaneously. The software provides automatic back-up for received files. Live transmissions can be broadcasted directly via a PC output or an optional SDI playout.
  • ...or our online solution: ClipWay Newsgathering server
    Make all your video reports available to all your stations. Our Newsgathering Web-Tool is a fast and secured interface to distribute your video reports worldwide.

If you have any questions or wish further information on terms and prices, do not hesitate to contact us.


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