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Media Mobile Solutions Conferences

Last month, Geolink organized with Inmarsat support two conferences dedicated to Media professionals in London and Dubai Lab.

Geolink and CETel presented its solutions, all software, for Live and pre-recorded audio and video transmission over IP links.

Focus: Insight on IP Network Use / Technology Outlook

Insight on IP Network Use

2011 was a tumultuous period for international news breaking that generates an intense use of IP links transmissions (Arab Spring / Libya …).

The London and Dubai conferences focused on the Media high use of IP links during 2011 offering attendees a clear overview of traffic generated and services requested.

Inmarsat Streaming Services over BGAN (256 kbps and X-Stream) recorded their highest level of use ever.

To avoid congestion and guarantee the best possible access to the streaming Services, Inmarsat allocated larger resources and increased support to their Service Providers.

Technology Outlook

Alphasat (L Band) and Global Xpress (Ka Band) are two major key evolutions for mobile transmissions in the Inmarsat agenda for the next two years.

High Data Rate service (Q1/2013) is increasing the capacity on hot spots with larger bandwidth around 800 kpbs on EMEA BGAN network.

Global Xpress will offer a global coverage in 2014 and provide unprecedented mobile broadband speed over Ka band. VSAT Broadband services will be worldwide and extremely mobile.

Geolink, as Inmarsat Gold Partner, and its ClipWay Media solutions recommended and approved by Inmarsat, are actively taking part to the projects as experienced and value added partners

Aggregating up to 4 IP links directly with ClipWay software, Geolink can provide today to its Media users large bandwidth awaiting High Data Rates services operating over Alphasat.

Geolink Media: ClipWay Software and Services

  • Designed with the feedback of field Radio and TV journalists, ClipWay Media software solutions perfectly match the needs and Broadcast standards of Media professionals.
  • Light-weighted, with a customizable and user-friendly GUI, ClipWay software solution is today the refernce for the most demanding MEdia professionals using mobile solutions.
  • With an exclusive link aggregation integrated directly into the software (up to 4 IP links), ClipWay solutions for Media makes HD transmissions available on very mobile solutions using Inmarsat BGAN antennas.
  • Using an optimized and aggressive protocol especially written for narrow bandwidth, ClipWay software solutions guarantee a most efficient and cost-effective transmission for audio & video reports sent.
  • Easily scalable ClipWay Media software solutions are adapting to any major technological evolutions.

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