Audio & Video Transmission Solutions



The universal video transmission tool!

ClipWay is the easiest, most adaptable and reliable tool to transmit video files.
As a software solution only, ClipWay is dedicated to mobile workers allowing them to stay in touch regularly with their office: architect, engineer, humanitarian workers, scientist...

When traveling or working in remote locations, mobile workers must stay in touch with their head offices.

ClipWay allows video-exchanges between field workers and their offices.

How Do I Send Videos?

Your video files can be captured, compressed and sent in just a few easy clicks!
Three steps are necessary to send videos:

  1. Simple Capture
  2. Adaptable Compression
  3. Optimized Transmission

How Do I Receive Videos?

No special hardware required. You can rely on two options to receive pre-recorded reports:

  • A Software Solution
  • ...or our online solution: ClipWay Newsgathering Server:
    Make all your video reports available to all your stations. Our Newsgathering Web-Tool is a fast and secured interface to distribute your video reports worldwide.

If you have any questions or wish further information on terms and prices, do not hesitate to contact us.