What makes Clipway’s approach different?

Focus on LP-Led Secondaries

Clipway is focused on acquiring high-quality, diversified LP-led portfolios on the secondary market, principally consisting of blue-chip private equity buyout and growth funds in North America and Western Europe. Clipway believes that this strategy provides investors with the best risk-adjusted returns in the private equity industry.

Tech-Enabled Secondaries System (TESS)

Clipway’s investment process is supported by its Tech-Enabled Secondaries System (TESS) – a next-generation, fully integrated investment and monitoring tool, with a focus on increasing precision, speed and continuous learning. Clipway harnesses next generation technology to put data science at the core of its investment strategy and capitalize on the large volumes of data generated by LP secondaries, which has historically been underutilised.

“Given the recent advances in technology, I believe there is a generational opportunity in bringing data science to LP secondaries investing”

Vincent Gombault
Managing Partner

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